Top 4 best creperies in Rennes


When you come to Brittany, you have to go through this step. On the spot or to take away, they are the culinary stars of our beautiful region and we could never (oh never) do without them!

We are talking about the famous Breton pancake or galette! Attention, they are 2 things quite different for certain corners of our regions.



The difference between 'crepe' and 'galette


So, to satisfy everyone, we agreed: for Upper-Brittany, we say 'galette' when we use buckwheat, and 'crêpe' when we use wheat, for the sweet recipes.

For Basse-Bretagne, from the starter to the dessert, there are only pancakes: salted for the dish and sweet for the dessert or the snack.

After having reviewed the local differences, we have concocted a small non-exhaustive list of the best creperies in Rennes!



Top 4 best creperies in Rennes


1/ La Crêperie Saint-Georges


A well-known address in Rennes, the Crêperie Saint-Georges offers a menu of original galettes and crêpes, all named after a famous George: Sand, Mickaël, Moustaki... Prepared with fresh and quality ingredients, you will definitely find the tastes of yesteryear!


Top 4 best creperies in Rennes - News - Hôtel Anne de Bretagne

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La Crêperie Saint-Georges
11 Rue du Chapitre
35000 Rennes
02 99 38 87 04



2/ La Rozell


Considered as one of the best creperies in Rennes, it serves excellent galettes and crepes! Most of the ingredients come from local producers. Located in the center of the city (100m from the Place Sainte-Anne), it has a superb terrace to enjoy in summer and winter!


News - Hotel Anne de Bretagne

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La Rozell
14 Rue de Penhoët
35000 Rennes
02 99 78 20 01



3/ La Crêperie Paysanne


A concept: all the ingredients are organic and come from local producers. A warm welcome, a simple and warm decoration and recipes to make all the Bretons (or fans of galettes/crêpes) green with envy!


Top 4 best creperies in Rennes - News - Hôtel Anne de Bretagne

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La Crêperie Paysanne
6 Place Sainte-Anne
35000 Rennes
02 99 79 01 43



4/ The Creperie La Gavotte


The Crêperie La Gavotte, a traditional Breton crêperie, invites you for good food in a beautiful place! The names of their Breton pancakes will make your mouth water, you will not be disappointed.


News - Hotel Anne de Bretagne

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La Crêperie La Gavotte
1 Rue Saint-Georges
35000 Rennes
02 99 36 29 38



All these creperies serve recipes as good as each other, choosing or listing the best one would be a torture... For us, they are all DELIGHTED!


So, all we have to say is " Kalon digor!* ".


* 'Bon appétit!in Breton.


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