Your most beautiful spots in Brittany!

Summer is a time for new adventures! And we love it when you immortalize those beautiful moments spent together, alone or with your family 😉

Let's go for the 7th step of our road trip: your most beautiful spots in Brittany!

Distinguished by the New York Times as one of the 52 must-see tourist destinations in 2020The famous Breton island of " Belle-île-en-Mer, Marie-Galante ", proud of its insularity, is endowed with a unique historical heritage and a superbly well preserved nature.


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Don't miss the island of Groix! An island stay on " the island of garnets "will be one of your most beautiful vacation memories: guaranteed. The island is a place of life and conviviality. If you get lost, ask for directions from the Groix inhabitants: they will not hesitate to help you and make you discover the warm welcome of Brittany!

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City of art and history, discover Vitré, the gateway to Brittany! The city has preserved the traces of the Middle Ages: its wealth, resulting from the toilier trade, will remain forever well anchored in its architectural heritage. In 1999, the city obtained the national label of City and Country of Art and History. Since then, it has never ceased to welcome travelers who come from far and wide to see it.

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Don't miss the superb pink granite coast and the old fishing village of Ploumanac'H! 13 km of coastline and three fine sandy beaches, this side of Brittany has become one of the highest tourist spots in the region. If you pass by, Ploumanac'H will offer you a natural site of exceptional beauty.


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Located in the south Finistère off the coast of Bénodet and ConcarneauThe Glénan archipelago, also known as " paradise on the sea " is a string of islands, one of which is shaped like a heart of sand, bathed in green/turquoise water. A change of scenery just a few miles from home!

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